Is it possible to preselect a record on collection when there is only one?

Feature(s) impacted

navigation on record on the Workspace.

Observed behavior

We have this view on our workspace:

Collection prospects > each prospect has “Eleves” > and each “eleve” has “Besoins”
In most of cases prospects have only one eleve and “Eleve” has only one Besoin.
Now we should manually each time select : prospect > then > eleve then > Besoin, in order to view data fields and other details in tabs… etc.

Enhancing user experience and saving time would be better if the we select a Prospect and it automatically select “eleve” when there’s only one record available and also select the “Besoin” if only one available.

We would like to know if this is doable and how?

Thank you!

Hello @Adel_de_Clevermate,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

I like your question, I understand your need I guess!

Tell me if I’m wrong, but an prospect could have many eleves, and an eleve could have many besoins (technically speaking, in term of relationship).
How possible it would be to have hasOne relationship instead (or in addition)?

Anyway, the feature to select the 1st record doesn’t exist anymore.
I’m pushing a feature request in our Product wishlist then.


Hi @adriguy

Thank you for your answer,

Actually Yes technically a prospect could have many eleves, and an eleve could have many besoins, it’s the case, statistically most of case they have only one to one… so technically we have to keep the collections as on to many relation. just for saving some time we wonder if there is a hack to automatically select a record.


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Ok gotcha!

We’ll let you know once we’ll have a feature for that then.


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