It looks like the URL is not responding:

cuando intento desplegar mi backend admin con heroku, en el paso de meter las variables, lo hago, reinicio los dynos pero se queda esperando en que la URL no responde. ¿Porqué puede ser?

Hey @frantroya,

Can you describe your problem in English and add some useful informations (your server log/frontend Network calls screenshots/…) please. :slight_smile:


Hi @morganperre ,

when I try to deploy my admin backend with heroku, in the step of entering the variables, I do it, I restart the dynos but it is waiting for the URL not to respond. Because it can be?
i use this URL from heroku:

my project name is: voiceit

This is a really weird URL. :astonished: Why this URL ends with .git ? Is it normal ?

I tried that url as this one didn’t work for me either:

Have you restarted the deployment from scratch ?

Are you sure you can access ?

A colleague will take this one and provide you more useful help. :slight_smile:

Ok, i wait it, thanks you.

Hello @frantroya,

I’m happy to help you.
If I hit I get a 502 http status code, instead of a 204.
Did you correctly deploy your backend on heroku?
Please, could you double check this part?