JSON Editor Not Loading

Expected behavior

I can edit JSON objects

Actual behavior

You can edit it, but now it’ll save as a string, which corrupts the document.

Failure Logs

Unable to infer path to ace from script src, use ace.config.set(‘basePath’, ‘path’) to enable dynamic loading of modes and themes or with webpack use ace/webpack-resolver
(anonymous) @ chunk.7.3063f605868b6fe645c9.js:325
l @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:7284
ace.define.t.loadModule @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:7283
setMode @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:7882
create @ chunk.11.f409ccf71617a2130ffd.js:3932
n.setMode @ chunk.11.f409ccf71617a2130ffd.js:47
n._create @ chunk.11.f409ccf71617a2130ffd.js:42
n @ chunk.11.f409ccf71617a2130ffd.js:38
(anonymous) @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8316
m @ 599261090454112?v=2.9.47&r=stable:29
(anonymous) @ 599261090454112?v=2.9.47&r=stable:29
(anonymous) @ 599261090454112?v=2.9.47&r=stable:29
c @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8298
a @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8319
Promise.then (async)
c @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8298
a @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8319
(anonymous) @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8319
i @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8318
n.value @ client-95e25a01bdae24960441bba61394613c.js:8319
trigger @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3613
n @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3473
i.didCreate @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:2144
t.commit @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:4604
n.commit @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:4611
e.inTransaction @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:4410
i._renderRoots @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:2453
i._renderRootsTransaction @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:2458
i._revalidate @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:2458
t.invoke @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5286
t.flush @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5278
t.flush @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5292
n._end @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5355
n.end @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5311
n._run @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5357
n._join @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5356
n.join @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:5322
h @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3927
(anonymous) @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3627
a @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3845
handleEvent @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3627
handleEvent @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3552
(anonymous) @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:3577
dispatch @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:1562
g.handle @ vendor-5274ce00880a892114c98442cc88aca6.js:1557
data/1154728/index/record/1154728/REDACTED/details:1 Refused to execute script from ‘https://app.forestadmin.com/REDACTED/Production/Operations/data/1154728/index/record/1154728/REDACTED/mode-json.js’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

Hello @nachopescado,

Thanks for the report!

Good catch, it seems that there is an issue with the JSON edition and display.
I’m trying to reproduce it right now.

Are you using a mongo DB?


Yep, using MongoDB. Also of note, is the display of the JSON fields just gives [object Object] when in view mode.


Thanks for your quick answer.

A fix has been deployed just now.
Could you please refresh your browser and tell me if it’s working fine?


:white_check_mark: When in view mode, the document properly shows the JSON instead of [object Object]
:white_check_mark: Editing seems to work, and the document persists as a JSON instead of a string
:warning: The error Unable to infer path to ace from script src, use ace.config.set('basePath', 'path') to enable dynamic loading of modes and themes or with webpack use ace/webpack-resolver still shows up in console the moment I click on “edit” on the document, presumably as it loads the JSON editor.

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