Laravel - Trouble With Corcel - Unable to run ForestAdmin

After local install on HomeStead, trying first run:

Too few arguments to function Corcel\WooCommerce\Model\Product::hasManyThroughMeta(), 0 passed in vendor/forestadmin/laravel-forestadmin/src/Schema/ForestModel.php on line 391 and at least 2 expected

Partial code of Corcel:

public function hasManyThroughMeta(
  string $related,
  string $metaKey,
  string $foreignKey = null,
  string $localKey = null
): HasMany

Laravel 10/Inertia/Vuejs + Corcel Bride for WorpdressData

Totally new to ForestAdmin, i have no idea where i could look at to find a fix.

Hi @Patrice and welcome to our community :wave:,

Can you share your project name ?

I can reproduce your problem.

I have fixed it and in the meantime I have made the agent compatible with Laravel 10.

The fix and compatibility are available on version 1.3 .