Link to smart action after a different smart action

I have two highly related smart actions (A & B for reference) in a collection and I’m wondering if after the execution of smart action A, I can give our user the option to execute smart action B on the same selection of records.


  <p> click to run <a href="forest/actions/..."> Smart Action B</a> on selected records</p>

The important thing would be to still have access to the records selected for smart action A to then perform smart action B on those same records.

Thanks for any help!

Hello @mpt27,

Currently you cannot do that. But you could allow this option thanks to a checkbox before submitting the action. This way in your backend code you can handle the action B if the checkbox has been checked.

Would that work for you?

In my case I don’t think the checkbox would work because the user needs to input additional information for smart action B.

I got around it by having an optional field that will run smart action B if a user inputs an accepted value for it