Migrating to V7 issue with `const { Sequelize } = sequelize`

Hello, :wave:

I’m struggling with the migration guide to V7, I got lost with sequelize usages.

Expected behavior

In the migration guide to V7, you say that

// Calling sequelize with one of the 2 following syntaxes will not work anymore:
const { sequelize } = require('../models') ❌
const models = require('../models');
const sequelize = models.sequelize ❌

I’ve got one in my app, how am I supposed to replace it ?

From what I’ve understood models.sequelize is equivalent to models.connections['default']

Can you update the documenation for others ?

Hey @Antoine_Jubin :wave:

Indeed, either models.connections['default'] or models.connections.default should work.

I’ll update the documentation, thanks for pointing this out :+1:

EDIT: Should be good now. Thanks again :pray: