Multiple Projects on same forest admin

I want to add multiple projects to my forest admin taking into consideration I connect it to mongodb, for adding 2 projects I run each project on a different port but I do not think this is the right way of doing it. Can anyone please help me around this problem or guide me on how to manage 2 projects on the same forest admin

Hey @mostafa_hatem, and welcome to our community :wave:

Indeed, you shouldn’t need 2 differents projects if I understand your use-case correctly.
I’ve answered recently to a thread here, where I explain the flow used to hook 2 databases (MySQL in the case of the thread, but should work the same in your case).

To be clear, we do support multiple database of the same dialect in a single project. If that’s your case, the link above should help.
Otherwise, our smart collection might also be a solution for you.

If I misunderstood your use-case, feel free to detail it a bit more so I can direct you in the right direction.

Let me know if that helps :raised_hands: