Non existing related data requested

I got a new error message that have never occurred in the past :


IntegrationBudgets.hasMany(models.integrationBudgetEntries, {
      foreignKey: {
        name: 'integrationBudgetIdKey',
        field: 'integration_budget_id',
      as: 'integrationBudgetIntegrationBudgetEntries',
    });'/actions/ajouter-ligne-budget', permissionMiddlewareCreator.smartAction(), (request, response) => {
  const data =;
  const integration_budget_id =[0];
  const repartition_key_id = data['Clé de répartition'].split(' - ')[0];

  const body = {
    integration_budget_entry: {
      display_name: data['Libellé'],
      amount: data['Montant TTC'] * 100
  };`${API_URL}/forest_admin/integration_budget_entries`, body, {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': `Bearer ${process.env.ACCESS_TOKEN}`,
  }).then(() => {
      refresh: {
        relationships: ['integrationBudgetIntegrationBudgetEntries']
  }).catch(err => {
    response.status(400).send({ error: });

The error is triggered because of the “refresh” statement in the response.send.

Hey @JeremyV :wave:,

This message was introduced yesterday, but indeed, in your configuration it should not appear. This is due to your "as": "xxx" alias.

However, this message is only for information purpose, and your related data should still be refreshed as expected. Could you confirm ?
It does impact the behavior of the data refresh. We are currently working on the fix and I’ll keep you informed once it is released.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hey @JeremyV. The change was rollbacked, your relation should be refreshed as expected.

Let me know :pray:

Indeed @jeffladiray the message has disappeared, Many thanks.

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