Not able to see migrate option in the Project

Feature(s) impacted

Not able to find Migrate option in Forest Admin project to development workflow 2.0

Observed behavior

I could not find development workflow migrate option in current project.
When checked in settings for the project at below location, I could see default environment option is enabled and I can change values inside it. But even when I update value to production, only discard option is enabled in the form, save option is still disabled<ProjName>/settings/general

Also in the environments tab, I don’t see any Learn more option for our project.

Our project is created before May 2021 and not sure if it mandatory for us to migrate to new workflow.

Expected behavior

We should see migration option in project settings


  • Project name: Curator

  • Team name: Developer

  • Environment name: Production

  • Agent type & version: 8.3 (forest-express-sequelize)

  • Recent changes made on your end if any:

  • Express Version: 4.17.1

  • Sequelize Version: 6.6.5

  • Database Dialect: MySql

  • Database Version: 5.7.24

Hi @Nilesh_Shirsat :wave:,

We have not yet activated the functionality for you because it seems that you have several production environments. Note that the new development workflow requires to have one origin environment and all your others environments will inherit from the UI of this environment.

Can we hope on a quick call to validate if this new development workflow will fit your architecture?

Note that this feature is mandatory by end of 2022.

I let you choose a convenient date and time in my calendar - Calendly - Louis Steenbrink