Number of records per page always gets back to 10


Expected behavior

I want to show 100 records per page for all my models.

Actual behavior

It works as expected, untill I deploy a new version of my app. Everytime, it gets back to 10 items per page.


I’m working on a Ruby on Rails app using the forest_liana gem (version 5.2.1).

Is there any way to set this setting once and for all? Maybe using .forestadmin-schema.json?


Hi @PJ_Bergeron !
First off, never directly edit your forestadmin-schema.json ! It is generated by your server based on your configuration.
To answer your question, you can follow the documentation right here to edit the number of records per page :slight_smile:

It is strange that the configuration is reset every time you deploy though :thinking:

What do you usually edit between deployments ?