Our server encountered an error on Staging and Dev

Expected behavior

I expected to be able to reach the dashboard on staging and dev environements

Actual behavior

Whenever trying to reach one of these environments, I see this screen:

There is no error on the network loog.

Failure Logs

I did not notice any log so far :confused:


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: ?
  • Express Version: ~4.16.3
  • Sequelize Version: 4.8.0
  • Database Dialect: PSQL
  • Database Version: 11.12
  • Project Name: Linkee

Hello @Maxime_Sraiki,

Thanks for your feedback, and welcome in the community!

Can you please add the version of forest-admin-sequelize that you’re using in your project? You can get this value by launching npm list forest-express-sequelize

Regarding your error, can you check if there are any error in the browser console? Do you have any network request with an error status in this list?


Hello Guillaume, thanks for your answer:

We are using the @latest verssion of forest-express-sequelize (which is 2.17.2 according to my yarn.lock ?) (I did not find forest-admin-sequelize though):

There actually is an error in the browser console, I’m sorry I did not notice it earlier :cry:

Also a matching network error:

Hello @Maxime_Sraiki,

I am taking over from Guillaume :raised_hands:

You’re right, forest-admin-sequelize doesn’t exist, but forest-express-sequelize does.
Version 2.17.2 is by far not the latest version though (it is v7).
Could you please run npm list forest-express-sequelize in your server console to be sure what version you’re on?

Your project name is “linkee-backoffice”, is it correct?

If I understand well, your dashboards are working on the production environment but not on the staging/development environments. Am I right? Did you try to copy the layout from the production to the staging/development environment?

Thanks for your answers!


I just tried a little manipulation on my side.
Could you please retry to access your development/staging environments dashboards and let me know if it is still broken?


Here is the result of npm (and yarn) list forest-express-sequelize

Also Yes I can now access my staging environment ! What was the issue ? Is there something I could have done on my end ?

Thank you anyway for your help (fast as always :slight_smile: )

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Hi @Maxime_Sraiki,

Great to hear that your staging and dev environments are working now! :raised_hands:

The issue seemed to come from some invalid cached values, but I guess you could not do anything on your own.
What you could do though, is to upgrade your forest-express-sequelize package to the latest version. Because of course, newer versions include a bunch of new features and correct some bugs.

If you want to do so, please follow carefully the upgrade note for every version:

And if you have any issue or question doing this, we’ll be happy to help you out (just open a new thread! :wink:)