Postgres Encrypted data


We have encrypted data in my rails app in postgresql. Does the rails connector will use the rails app to decrypt data?

Hello @Maxime_Thoonsen ,

Can you give us a little bit more of information in order to be able to help you?
An example would be appreciated.

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Hi @Maxime_Thoonsen,

My guess is that ActiveRecord (if that’s the ORM you use for your Rails app) handles this natively.
As the Forest Admin gem connects directly to ActiveRecord, I think it should work transparently.

The best thing to do to validate it, is to install the gem on your project and see if your data is read by the agent and displayed properly in your new admin project.

Let us know


Ok thanks Arnaud, in this case it should work indeed as it is not recreating express api as I have seen on other project.

Yes that is the huge benefit of a native integration in existing apps (vs the micro service generation option): the admin panel controllers are close to the technical configuration and business domain / logic.

That’s why we are currently pushing to create other frameworks native integrations (Django, Laravel and more to come).