Problem to load one of my models

Feature(s) impacted

Observed behavior

I get a 500 error when loading the index of my User model

Expected behavior

Get the list of my User instances

Failure Logs

See screenshot


  • Project name: Depozen
  • Team name: Depozen
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: …
  • Database type: Postgresql
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: I updated activerecord relations in my model.

Hello @julien-mathieu

Can you please share us your model and your schema ?
Do you have an id in your User Model ?

Thank you


As you can see my model has many activerecord relations. This is probably the cause of the bug, but how can I point out the possibly broken relation ?


Hello @julien-mathieu

It’s a bit tough to find out what the problem is. There are a lot of relationships :sweat_smile:
Could you share the error 500 you have in your browser console (network tab of your inspector) on your User model index ? :pray:

Have you also tried to comment out the relationships and refresh the User model index ?

Hi, sorry for the late answer!

I cannot comment out since this is a production environment.

I haven’t used the development mode in a few months now, and can’t seem to connect to it anymore.

Here is the error I get, and the logs from my console.

What can I do?

Hello, sorry for late message

Could you check in your config/secret.yml file that the forest keys are set on the development environment?

Also on the development environment could you comment out the relationships of User Model?