Production environment credentials lost

Hi all,

For some reason I’ve lost my production env’s credentials, I can only read the FOREST_ENV_SECRET env variable using the forest-cli, but not the FOREST_AUTH_SECRET.

Is it possible that someone at Forest switches my production env to a “remote” env so that I can remove it and create it properly?

Thanks a lot


  • forest-express-sequelize version: ^8.0.0
  • Database Dialect: pg
  • Database Version: 13.x
  • Project Name: API Particulier

My liana is manually run from my express app: api-particulier/server.ts at master · betagouv/api-particulier · GitHub

Hello @Bernardstanislas and welcome on our community forum :slight_smile:

Try to generate a new one with SHA256 Hash Generator Online
Choose a word and generate a hash. Then use the hash as the FOREST_AUTH_SECRET .

Tell me if it works.

N.B: By doing so, it might disconnect your current users and they will have to connect again.

Hi @lclisson,

It did work, thank you very much!

No need to change/recreate my production env then.

Thank you!

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