Rails 7 (forest_liana 7.5.1 gem) seems to push schema to production, but production still uses outdated database schemas for queries

Hi, I am using forest together with rails 7 (forest_liana version 7.5.1). I have renamed a database column in an existing table since I have first set up forestadmin. While a .forestadmin-schema.json file is updated and uploaded successfully, only the Development environment works properly. In the production environment, I can see that the new column name is reflected in the Layout Editor, but when I just try to access the database table, I can see in my backend logs that there are still database queries being made where the old column name is used (which no longer exists and therefore leads to an error). Could you please help? Thanks!

Hello @MonkeyForest

Can you tell us which project, model and column is causing issues?
(the name before and after the renaming)

That would allow us to check that we have the correct structure on our side

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Hi @romaing! Sure, the project is called “ToolAccessTracker”, it’s about the Production environment. The model is called ToolConnection (Table: tool_connections), and the column was renamed from “last_sync_status” (string) to “last_sync_ok” (boolean). Thanks in advance!

Actually, @romaing never mind. It seems it has been updated in the meantime. This is super weird, I haven’t made any changes whatsoever since a week ago when I first posted. How come this issue is now resolved? :astonished: