Redirection problem after success

Expected behavior

We have two collections: Players and Matches. When a player is selected you can find his matches with selecting “Show host matches” smart action. The smart action redirects to found matches collection upon success.

Actual behavior

The action worked perfectly until the day before yesterday. It redirects to matches collection but shows an empty page displaying “This collection cannot be found”. The code didn’t change, it was the same code around a couple of months.

Failure Logs

The page displays “This collection cannot be found”.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: “forest-express-mongoose”: “5.7.0”
  • Express Version: 4.16.3
  • Mongoose Version: 5.8.2
  • Database Dialect: MongoDB
  • Database Version: 4.0.19
  • Project Name: TakhtebazAdmin

The smart action redirects to “/TakhtebazAdmin/Production/Operations/data/2614760/index?filterType=and” which is the exact url of the matches collection. It also adds some filters.

Hi @koorosh64,
Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

I don’t know yet what is happening on your project but I was wondering why you implemented a Smart Action to display the player’s matches.
Isn’t Smart Relationships feature a more conventional way to display your players related data?
It would also provide a better user experience too, in my opinion.

Hi, there are two main reasons we did that. Our matches collection is pretty huge and the aggregation operation puts a big load on the database. The second reason is we want to display player matches with some filters like match start time or time out status.

Ok thank you.
I understand the second reason :wink:

Could you please share a screencast of the issue to help us reproduce this (using for instance)?