redirectTo smart action doesn't work properly


i am trying to implement a smart action that has a form and takes some data from the user and then redirects to a different page on submission but the redirection does not work properly.

i get redirected to a page like the one below

and here is the action’s definition

Thank you!

Hey @huss,

Could you please try with an https url ?
Plus does it open a new tab or is it opening in the current tab ?

  • i get the same result with https.
  • and the page opens up in a new window completely.

Do you have any issue in you web console ?
Could you share a video reproducing this error ?

it actually downloads a file named “file” with .json extension

i apologize, i just realized i had the “download” property for the smart action set to true
i removed that flag and now it works fine.

Than you!

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Ahah okey good to know :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas :santa: !

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