Scope in nested tables

Hello !

I currently have a table called “academy” and an other called “video”. An academy has many videos.

I am using a scope in the video table to filter some data, but if I access the video table through an Academy record and then the nested Video table, the scope does not apply. I am talking about the “Related Data” column on the left of an academy record.


Is there an easy way to make the scope apply on the nested tables or do I have to override the /academy/:academyId/relationships/video get route and filter there ?

Thanks !

Hi @JulienGaladrim,

Sorry I’ve just checked. It seems that scope are not applied to related data at the moment. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information

After looking into it, the new agent v2 actually implements it. As it actually never been implemented on old agent it will be a feature request that I can push on product board. So if you need a more powerful scope you will need to either move to Agent v2. If it’s too much work for you you might need to override the route of video to apply your scope :disappointed:

Let me know what you’ll do I’ll try to help you

Thank you for your response !

I juste ended overriding the routes, it probably wasn’t worth the trouble of upgrading. I’ll keep that in mind for potential future implementations though.