Setup of a second staging environment with a different url

Feature(s) impacted

After adding a second staging environment for my Rails app both on the Forest interface and in my env variables, it is impossible to authenticate and access this environment’s interface.

Observed behavior

A call to
fails with this payload (edited with fake urls for clarity):

{“errors”:[{“status”:400,“detail”:“The redirect uri must be one of Received “[](\)””,“meta”:{},“name”:“InvalidRedirectUriError”}]}

Expected behavior

Would be nice to be able to login through my new staging server.


  • Project name: Okarito
  • Team name: Tech
  • Environment name: staging-k8s

Hello @Marina_Starkova :wave: Welcome to our community. :confetti_ball:

  • Can you share your APPLICATION_URL?
  • Can you open your browser Network tab and copy past the falling call with related information?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Morgan, thanks,
here you go:

the call

And the response:

{"errors":[{"status":400,"detail":"The redirect uri must be one of Received \"[\]("","meta":{},"name":"InvalidRedirectUriError"}]}


Hello @Marina_Starkova,

Sorry for this late answer.

Looking again at your logs, you must have a wrong APPLICATION_URL. APPLICATION_URL must match your new staging environment URL.
Or you have a wrong FOREST_ENV_SECRET.

Looking deeper at the/oidc/auth call it refers to z_staging aws is it the right environment (your second staging)?

Let me know. :pray:

Again, sorry for the delayed response.

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