Smart action dynamic form validation

Feature(s) impacted

We want to create dynamic forms for our smart actions.
In our case we add/remove fields based on a boolean. We are having a problem while validating the form.

Observed behavior

The fields we add are required when present. After removing them, for forest, these fields are still required.

Expected behavior

After deletion, the fields should no longer be required.

Hello @Kevin_M ,

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Can you please tell us what is the agent type and the version you are using?


  • Browser: Brave/Chrome
  • forest-express-sequelize Version: 8.5.0
  • Sequelize Version: 6.6.2
  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
  • Environment: NodeJS
  • Project Name: Homeloop

Hello @Kevin_M ,

I am currently trying to reproduce your issue.
Please hold on

Hi again @Kevin_M,

The issue has been reproduced. Thank you for reporting it.
We are working on a fix.

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Hey @Kevin_M :wave: The fix has been released now. Can you confirm it fix your issue? :pray:


Hello ! Issue fixed. Thank you !

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