Smart action field as a Price

In a smart action, for a field, I have the choice of Boolean , Date , Dateonly , Enum , File , Number , String for the type option.

Would it be possible to define the field as Price as well as a regular field, thus define the Currency and Base ?

Hey @JeremyV :wave:,

Sadly, as stated in our documentation, this is currently not supported.

Maybe smart action hooks could allow you to create such behavior manually though (See our documentation). That will be the best alternative I can suggest.

Otherwise, best I can do is to push this as a product board suggestion.

Let me know if that helps

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I’m pretty familiar with the load and change hooks but not sure how it can help in this case.

Whatever, it was more a question out of curiosity and if it’s pushed to the product board suggestion, it’s good enough for me.