Smart Relationship with Smart Collection - sorting is not visible

Feature(s) impacted

I’m having trouble to adding sorting control icons as we have with table models,
I saw I can add isSortable to a field, which updates the schema accordingly, but the sorting could only be controlled in the collection preferences :

Am I missing something with configuration ?


Observed behavior

sort icon is not shown

Expected behavior

being able to control sorting


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  • Agent type & version: express
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Hi @RonenMeiri,

I’m not sure I fully understood your issue.
You have a field on you smart collection that has isSortable: true but you still can’t sort on that field ? If you click on your field on the Table view doesn’t it sort :thinking: ?

Could you please share a video showing your issue ?


here is the schema definition :


this how the table header looks like :

only the filter icons exists, but when editing the collection settings you can see in the drop down option the topic field.

You just need to click on your field topic:

@vince thansk for the reply Vince,

But this is not the case, since clicking doesn’t fire any event or request. ( also no mouse cursor is changed to hint a clickable option)

My guess that your testing not on a smart collection, on a model sql collection which get this behavior automatically from what I’ve seen.

On which environment are you working ? Because on your Production and Staging, the field topic is marked has not sortable (isSortable: false) :thinking:

@vince currently doing the local changes locally before pushing the code…

Okey but on which environment please :pray: ?

@vince ,

Hey I just pushed the code of the isSortable property - so you can see it in staging

Okey so I do have the isSortable: true now on the Step.topic field.
It’s still not working on your Staging environment ?

nothing changed, I dont see any sorting indication.
do you ?

Okey good catch :clap:. I found the issue, I’ll let you know as soon as the fix is released :wink:

Hey @RonenMeiri,

I just want to let you know that a fix should be live in less than an hour

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@RonenMeiri Can you confirm it’s working on your side ?

@vince ,

thanks for the quick fix, looks like its working now ( although I know I need to implement the sorting ).

one thing,

when the table loads, it looks as follows:

is there a possibility to add a greyed out icon marking this field as sortable? I can see the cursor is changing once hovering the field?

It’s the design, but I will push it on our ProductBoard

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I appreciate it, many thanks for you help.

it will help the ux for the table, to see which field is sortable in advance.

A small note, I would also update the d.ts file for the isSortable option since its not there if using typescript.


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