SSL Certificate Expired

Expected behavior

Certificate doesn’t expire :slight_smile:

Actual behavior

The certificate on our custom domain name expired. We use CloudFlare which may complicate things, but now even directly the Let’s Encrypt cert is expired.

Failure Logs


This is not related to Forest Admin, but to the way you deployed your Let’s encrypt certificate. It’s normal that your certificate expired. Certificates generated by Let’s Encrypt expire after 90 days.

In order to avoid this error, you need to configure the cron job that will re-generate a new certificate before the expiration.

Please follow the instructions from the documentation of certbot to see how to proceed.

I did not deploy the certificate, Forest Admin did when I selected the custom domain in their dashboard. This is definitely a forest admin issue.

Or I should say, it is the Heroku API service Forest is using to deploy domains.


Are you using the domain to access Forest Admin? Because I can see that the custom domain that is configured on our side is, which is working correctly as far as I can see.

I suppose that the domain corresponds to your agent, and we do not control the certificate used for this server. That’s the server that contains and runs your code, and you probably had to install it by yourself.

I had just changed it to paper.