The Unable to authenticate you issue occurred after the Project not found issue

Feature(s) impacted

all features.

Observed behavior

I have noticed that our project is not loading in FA. Everyone trying to connect is getting an error, and when I try to access it (as admin), I see a page to setup the app from scratch 3 hours ago.

now project is found but “Unable to authenticate” issue is remain.

When I click back to project, I get an access forbidden message, and when I look at the environment settings page, it says that the admin panel is not live because it is not deployed to production.

But we didn’t change any configuration on the server.

Expected behavior

Connection to Forest Admin

Failure Logs

Do not have any log.


  • Project name:
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Production and remote
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: no idea.
  • Database type: Postgresql
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: nothing.

Hello @captain,

It looks like both your environments are not fully configured (marked as draft), can you click on “deploy” and check that they are correctly configured ?

The only thing I’m worried about is that when I redeploy, my custom admin settings will be reset. Is there any problem with that?

Ok, in that case can you send me:

  • logs from your server of potential failed requests from forestAdmin ?
  • potential errors in your browser console ?

I’ll have to check with the developer about the server error - maybe the environment was unconfigured on the first server error?

Could it be that the custom branches are alive and kicking, and that restoring the connection to the disconnected server will restore the admin panel?

I’m not sure to understand your point, if the server is disconnected, the error you encountered is totally normal.
The error indicates that your server does not respond correctly to ForestAdmin. It can comes from several sources, that’s why I need some logs to be able to identify more clearly the cause.
Anyway, that’s definitely an issue to address to your developer.

You can still send me the logs of your browser console in the meantime, it might help me to find the cause.

Let’s pass the logs from the browser console.

The error on the part of the first ForestAdmin occurred around 17:00 GMT+9. Is it possible to revert our account’s settings to before the error occurred?

We have three separate branches and do a lot of editing of tables, so we don’t want our settings to change.

Hey @captain :wave:

Just to sum up and make sure that I fully understood your issue:

  • Both remote & production environment were setup and working before?
  • Now you are unable to login to both of these environment?

Let’s first focus on the production environment.

On my end, I can see that this environment seems correctly configured and that your agent is correctly responding. Could you confirm the last 4 digits of the FOREST_ENV_SECRET this environment is using ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @jeffladiray
My 4 digits of the FOREST_ENV_SECTRET is “30d4”

The admin panel is working fine now. production is back up and running. Presumably any changes or errors you made were fixed.