[Typescript - Express] interface SmartActionHooks should be Partial

I’m using forest-express-sequelize: 8.5.8, the definition of SmartActionHooks require load and change instead of be “Partial”.

file : forest-express-sequelize/index.d.ts at main · ForestAdmin/forest-express-sequelize · GitHub
Actual :

export interface SmartActionHooks {
  load: SmartActionLoadHook;
  change: Record<string, SmartActionChangeHook>;

Proposal :

export interface SmartActionHooks {
  load?: SmartActionLoadHook;
  change?: Record<string, SmartActionChangeHook>;

Hello @Justin_Martin :wave:

Thanks for pointing this out :raised_hands:

I’m fixing the types, I’ll ping you back once it is released :smiley:


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Hello @Justin_Martin

Types have been fixed on version 8.5.9.

Don’t hesitate to create new threads if you encounter any other issue.

Thanks !