Typescript - ForestRequest.User missing fields

Hello the type definition of User used in ForestRequest is not complete,

Actually :

export interface User {
  renderingId: number;

According documentation User data look like :

  "id": "172",
  "email": "angelicabengtsson@doha2019.com",
  "firstName": "Angelica",
  "lastName": "Bengtsson",
  "team": "Pole Vault",
  "role": "Manager",
  "tags": [{ key: "country", value: "Canada" }],
  "renderingId": "4998",
  "iat": 1569913709,
  "exp": 1571123309

Proposal :

interface UserTag {
 key: string;
 value: string;

export interface User {
  renderingId: number;
  id: number;
  firstName: string;
  lastName: string;
  email: string;
  team: string;
  role: string;
  tags: UserTag[];
  iat: number;
  exp: number;

Hello @Justin_Martin,

Thanks for your message :raised_hands:

Seems right!
Could you share the exact documentation link where you found the User type definition?


I’m using forest-express-sequelize so for me it’s here (line 32)

But you have he same thing in the types/index.d.ts in forest-express-mongoose

@Justin_Martin that’s absolutely right! :+1:
Thanks for that.

We’re going to fix this. I’ll you know when it’s done.

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Hello @Justin_Martin :wave:

Nicely spotted I would like to thank you for pointing this out.

A release is ongoing with the types fix, I will let you know once it’s available.

If you find any other issue related to types, please feel free to create a new thread in the community, we appreciate :smiley:

Thanks !


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Hello again !

A last message to inform you that the types have been fixed in version 8.5.8 of forest-express-sequelize.

Thanks again !