Unreachable backend

Hi there!

Im trying to figure out why one of our environment is unreachable through Forest.

Our production and development environments are working fine with Forest (just did the upgrade to agent railsv6.3.2) but the staging env stays unreachable even though it’s configured the same way as the others. We don’t see any logs like /forest/authentication, so indeed, the backend is literally unreached.

One thing that’s particular to that env is that it’s protected behind a basic auth. We do provide the credentials into the application url but may be that’s not correctly handled by Forest?

Nothing even happens when clicking the ‘log in again’ button, I see no XHR into my console, i.e. no authentication request.

Any hints? Is this a know issue?



Hi @Guaker13 and welcome to our community :wave:

I’m actually not sure that Basic Auth in URL is well handled on our end. I’ll have to do a quick test on my end to make sure.
Did you try to put a similar configuration in a development environment, or do you have any browser log that could help locate the issue?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello @jeffladiray :slight_smile:

When trying locally, an authentication request is sent to the server, which is not the case with our staging environment (we never see logs like the one hereunder).

Both requests (/authentication & /auth?client_id) are successful (see screenshots) but it looks like there is still an issue.

(I took the opportunity to remove the 3rd screenshot since it contains sensitive basic auth informations for your staging env).

If I understand correctly, your basic auth configuration for your staging is handled via a reverse proxy (Or I missed something) and not directly via your rails app?