Upgrade to forest_liana gem 7.0 issue

Observed behavior

I try to upgrade to forest_liana v7.0 for my rails app. When I open the Forest dashboard, charts are not showing up anymore:

I followed the upgrading instructions.

Expected behavior

The chart should display the data properly.

Failure Logs

  • See console errors on the previous picture
  • Rails logs look good:


  • Project name: La langue française
  • Environment name: Development / Production
  • Ruby version: 3.1.2
  • Rails version: 6.1.6
  • Forest liana version: ‘~> 7.0’, ‘< 7.1.0’


Hey @nico_lrx :wave:

I will look into it :man_detective:.
In the meantime, do you mind sharing the configuration of your chart? You can share the data with me in a private message if the data is sensitive.

Hey @Romain_Coudour,
Here is the chart configuration:

@nico_lrx Thanks!

I’ll keep you posted :hourglass_flowing_sand::gear: :hammer:

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Hi @nico_lrx,
Could your please share the response payload of /forest/stats/User ?

Hello @vince,
Here is all I have (development environment):

Oh sorry I was not explicit enough :sweat_smile:. I meant in your browser, can you look at the network tabs and click on this call and send the response payload please :pray:

Here it is:

Maybe there is an error with the timezone “Europe/Istanbul”? :thinking:

This is actually the request payload, I need the Preview or Response tab :smile: