Upgrading to v7 - Can't log in

Expected behavior

I can access my data

Actual behavior

The data is innaccessible, I get a “Please verify that your admin backend is correctly configured and running.” error.

Everything works fine locally in a development environment.
I even created a new environment that I launched locally using ngrok, and it works fine also.
But in my production and staging environments, I get the error.

The error happens when a call is made to this endpoint. forest/authentication/callback?code=. It returns a 401 with the message “Unauthorized”.

I followed this document thoroughly: Upgrade to v7 - Documentation

Failure Logs

just [object Object]


  • Package Version: forest-express-sequelize@7.1.2
  • Express Version: N/A
  • Sequelize Version: N/A
  • Database Dialect: N/A
  • Database Version: N/A

I am having this exact same issue after upgrading to v7.

I also get a CORS error in addition to the 401 if I set my APPLICATION_URL to “https://app.forestadmin.com” but do not get one if I remove this ENV var. It is unclear from the documentation which one is correct for the express middleware.

I was finally able to get mine working by setting my APPLICATION_URL to the host my express middleware is running on and using that for the CLIENT_ID generation CURL command.


@trestrantham, thanks for the details :pray: happy to see that you were able to fix the issue by yourself.

@julien let me know if the proposed solution works for you. Otherwise, would you mind sharing your project name so I can check on my end.

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My APPLICATION_URL is already configured properly. Maybe the FOREST_CLIENT_ID is wrong but I don’t think so, and I would expect a better error message if that’s the case.

My project is “Inato Marketplace”. I reverted to v6 though because we couldn’t afford to have forest admin not working for extended period of times

If possible, would you mind sharing your browser log + your backend log so we can investigate on our end? Thanks :pray:

Same as guys above. My errors:

Hi @Antoine007, it looks like a brand new error to me that does not look like the ones other are having.

Would you mind making another post with the complete context in which your erro is happening?

A screen record of the issue might help. And you API logs too.

Thank you

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