Values of some fields not included in the csv export of a list of records (table view

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Expected behavior

When hitting export collection name under the Actions button, we are supposed to get a csv with all the fields and values for the view. For example, if I have a list of transactions, with two fields amount and debtor name, I want to see in the csv these two fields and the same values as the ones displayed on the screen.
I have a record showing 100 in the amount field, and HelloWorld in the debtor name field, but in the csv export, I can see the record but the debtor name field is empty whereas it is not in Forest…

Thanks for your help,

Hello @julien_swan,

I tried to export my collection data and I didn’t have any issues on my side, can you tell me the step to reproduce your issue, are the fields not present coming from related data? What are types of the fields involved?


Hi @lclisson,

This is a text field, and I simply hit the export button…
This field is not coming from related data.

Is there any way I could share that in pm?

Hi @julien_swan,

All info you could share might help some other people experiencing the same issue to find an answer. It would be appreciate to keep the most informations on this thread rather than through PMs.

As for your issue, I’d like to take a look at your project from our end to see if I can find any visible issues.

To do so would you mind sharing with me the project name, environment name and collection on which you’re experiencing the issue.

Plus are you only having issues with this debtor field when exporting or other ones are broken too?

Thank you

Hi @lamatt_v,
I understand, but some of the info is confidential :slight_smile:
I’d like to share this privately please.


You can share infos through DMs but I’ll keep answering on this thread (omitting confidential data)

Hi @julien_swan :wave:

After further investigation, it appears that your problem is related to the amount of exported records.

  • If you export few records, all smart fields are present in the export :white_check_mark:

  • If you export ~6,000 records, some smart fields are missing in the export :x:

Unfortunately, we can’t solve this problem as it is related to a performance issue due to the way your smart fields have been implemented. Forest needs to calculate the smart fields of your 6,000 records independently before the export…

To improve your export, you can either:

Hope that helps!