What are integrations possible that we can do with forest admin?


We would like to have a list of possible integrations with third parties platforms that can be done in forest admin.

Thank you,

Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate :wave:,

We provide “built-in” integrations with Stripe, Intercom and Mixpanel.

However, you are free to build your own integrations using our smart concepts (smart actions, smart collections).

Can you eventually describe further your use case to guide you at best?

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Thank you @louis for your detailed response.

In addition, we would like also if there is a built-in integration with aircall to do calls and receive call in our forest admin?


Hello @Adel_de_Clevermate,

Unfortunately, this is not something that we offer ‘built-in’. You will have to build smart actions, as @louis indicated in order to support your use case.
Please note that your integration suggestion has been added to our product insights.



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Thank you @Nicolas.M and @louis .