Widgets - Cannot create bullet points list using the "Rich Text Editor" widget


Using the “Rich Text Editor” widget on a field, I cannot persist properly bullet point list.
It is not well displayed when I edit, and not well persisted/displayed apparently.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Edit a “String” field to setup the “Rich Text Editor” edit widget
  2. Go to a record detail and try to edit the record by adding a bullet list in the “rich text” value. It won’t display well.

Expected behaviour

To see the bullet points in the rich text while editing (and on display too?)

Actual behaviour

No bullet point so far. (see attachement)

Hello @arnaud,

That’s totally right, this is a well-identified bug.

The Forest team will take care of its correction.
And will let you know as soon as it is fixed :raised_hands:

Thank you for bringing that up!

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