403 on Production Environment for newly added users


Feature(s) impacted

I’m also getting a 403 error when accessing any tables on my environments similar to this ticket:

This only occurs tho on users I just added to the project. The user I created the project with can open all tables even tho all users are in the same team and have the same roles (ADMIN)

Observed behavior

User that can access the tables:

  • Dev Deckweiss

Users that cannot access the tables and get the 403 errors:

  • Kevin Baumgartner
  • Elisabeth Klenner


  • Project name: BTPCalc
  • Team name: Deckweiss (Operations in ForestAdmin)
  • Environment name: Live & Staging
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: “forest-express-sequelize”: “^9.3.11”
  • Database type: PostgreSQL
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: -

Hello @Kevin_Baumgartner,

Thanks for your report and sorry for the inconvenience.

We fixed your project. :ok_hand: It should work for them now. :pray:

Let us know if everything is clear on your side.

Kind regards,

Thanks @morganperre for the quick fix, it seems to work now <3

Do you know what the problem was?

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Hey @Kevin_Baumgartner,

Some of your project data were corrupted. As an unfortunate consequence, it broke an internal role mechanism… We don’t know what causes the corrupted data at first and we will conduct an internal audit to avoid having the same issue with other clients…

Again, thanks for your patience and your report it helps us improve the platform for everyone. :pray:

Kind regards,

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