Access denied for user 'forest'@'%' to database

Hey Forest,

Just realized our non-production remote environments are down. Getting the following error:

sqlMessage": "Access denied for user ‘forest’@’%’ to database ‘server_staging’

Production is still running but the other 2 remote envs are down. How can we fix this? Thank you

Hello @Arda_Yurdakul,

Thanks for your message.

In order to help you out, could you please tell me:

  • Your project name? The broken environments names?
  • Did you change anything on your side? Especially to the DB settings?

From the error you are receiving, it seems that the credentials that are set to access to the server_staging database are not working anymore. Did those change recently?
If they did, you need to update your DATABASE_URL environment variable.



Hi @adriguy

Apparently when we migrated our DBs to a new server, the permissions for the forest user didn’t follow along. We managed to fix it. Thank you!

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