500 error creating a record

I am lost on how to debug this

Feature(s) impacted

When I attempt to create a record using ForestAdmin, I get a non-descriptive 500 error. The record is part of this table (MySql 8):

CREATE TABLE stores(                                                                  
        id                            CHAR(36)    NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,                     
        client_id                     CHAR(36)    NOT NULL,                                 
        external_id                   VARCHAR(75) NOT NULL,                                 
        feature_id                    CHAR(36)    NOT NULL,                                 
        UNIQUE  KEY(client_id, external_id),                                          
        UNIQUE  KEY(feature_id),                                                      
        FOREIGN KEY(feature_id) REFERENCES features(id),                              
        FOREIGN KEY(client_id)  REFERENCES clients(id)                                
) CHARSET=UTF8MB4 ENGINE=INNODB;                                                      

Observed behavior

500 error when attempting to create

Expected behavior

Record is created successfully

Failure Logs

{name: "SequelizeDatabaseError", detail: "Unexpected error", status: 500}


  • Project name: Refinition
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: ā€¦
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: MySQL
  • Database type: MySQL
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: ā€¦

I believe I may have figured out the issue with this, but, I am wondering if there are any additional ways for me to debug future errors. Is it possible to get a better description when an error occurs?

Hi @nkconnor, and welcome to our community.

Iā€™m glad to hear that you have been able to move forward despite your initial issue.

Indeed, your follow-up question is legitimate, and there seems to be some error processing missing on our side that could help you with this kind of issues in the future.

I have opened a ticket and we will be working on an improvement in that regard in the near future.



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