Access original filename when uploading files


I am using forest to upload PDFs to my backend.

Could you help with how I can get the filenames of the PDFs/JPGs I’m uploading through a smart action ?

Thank you !


Hello @NathanLibeo and welcome on our community forum !

I think this part of the documentation could help you to do what you want, have you already read it?

Let me know if it helps !

Thanks for the quick answer !

I am not sure if it answers the main issue which not how to upload files, but how to extract the filename that is being uploaded

For example, my pdf filename is PDF1234.pdf, when I upload it, it appears on my table, and I would see its filenames next to it.

To do that, I need to be able to extract the filename of the file I’m uploading, indeed with the widget I saw on the documentation, which I am already using.

I saw this issue which is pretty similar : Access original filename when uploading files with file picker widget

Maybe I missed something ?

We have just added this feature for the next major release (currently available in beta) and our documentation is not yet up to date so you haven’t missed anything about the documentation. This version will be released in the next few days. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Iclisson - Is accessing the original file name available yet? (forest liana gem 7.2.2) - I was not able to find any documentation.