Access to data in "belongs to" table

I can’t get the user data (such as email, lastname, firstname etc) but I did a belongs to relation between the user and the customer.

Does someone have an idea ?
I do not want to code for every data …


Hello @Mathieu_Quiniou,

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community :raised_hands:

Could you detail a bit what is not working here?
Can you see the belongsTo relationship on your Forest Admin panel?


Hi @adriguy,
Thanks for your reply.
In field we have user therefore which gives us the identifier of the user but that the data of the user does not appear in the related Data
So we can’t use user data in the summary review of the customer

Real problem to implement Forest … We hesitate


Hello @Mathieu_Quiniou,

Thanks for your answer.

If I understand well your use case, you have a table Customers that belongs to Users, and you wish to have some pieces of information about a User directly inside a Customer summary view?

Actually, related data are made to display has-many relationships, that’s why you don’t see it there.

To do what you want, you can try smart fields:

  • Either create one smart field for each User value that you need to display directly
  • Or a unique smart field that will contain the whole User values (creating an embedded smart field)

And I am pushing a Product request into our board so that this need can be tackle with more ease at some point.

Let me know if that could help and if I can useful for anything!

Yes, can you contact me at ?
We would like to demonstrate you our problem, seems a bit difficult and stop us using Forest.

Hey @Mathieu_Quiniou,

We can arrange a call if you need of course.

Ideally we can stick our conversation here so that if other people are facing the same problem/frustration they will benefit from this discussion.

Can you describe your situation here or on a little screencast?

Let me know.


Please could we book a meeting for example on wednesday next week ?

Also, we are french, might be easier to talk in that language ?


We’re using the English language so that a lot of users can take benefit of this conversation if they have the same concerns.

Before booking any meeting, I’ll be happy if you can describe your issue in details here :pray:

Thanks a lot.