Admin page won't delete segment

i created a segment from the admin UI and now i am trying to delete it and it does get deleted but for the current session but once i reload the page it shows up again.

i checked the schema and its not there. i tried to add it manually to the schema and restart the server to so when i try to delete it, it finds it in the schema and removes it but when i do restart the server it gets removed automatically from the schema but not the admin page UI.
im not sure what im supposed to do to delete it.

Hello @huss and welcome ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It seems that you made a good manipulation and it should work as described, to be sure to understand what’s going on, could you share a video of your screen reproducing the error you encounter via a tool like loom? :slight_smile:

well no error occurs. this is exactly what happens: i delete segment → segment gets deleted normally and prints a message that it was deleted successfully → i refresh the page and it shows up again.
thats all.

Hello @huss

In order to help you, I would need to know:

  • The name of your project
  • On which environment it’s happening
  • What team are you using?

Can you please check the network tab of your browser as well and make sure that the request sent to /api/layout when you click the delete returns a success code?

Thank you

i checked the network log and i do get a success code 204
the project name is Phinests
on Development Environment
Operations team

Thank you for the information, could you also tell me the collection name and the segment name you are trying to delete?

Would it be possible for you to provide me with the request payload of the request as well? You can find it in the Network tab of your browser


well now the page won’t load at all so i can’t really show you the payload but here are the collection and segment names
collection name: Users
Segment name: Professionals

Yes sorry for the downtime, our servers were experiencing some issues. It should be back to normal now.

I found this segment on our side, I can confirm that it’s still present in your project.

Could you please try once again finding the payload? Thank you

Payload: [{“op”:“remove”,“path”:"/collections/User/layout/segments/8642aee0-704a-11eb-9fef-3d6fc8bd6487"}]

Thank you @huss

The request seems correct.
I justchecked, and I can see in our system that your segment exists more than one time.

Could you please try to delete it several more times (If I counted correctly we have it 17 times)?
I am sorry to ask you that, but it would be the safest solution.

If after 17 more deletes the segment still appears, I will recheck the data we store.

So far we were not able to find the root cause of this issue, but we will keep investigating.

Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.

i just deleted it 3 times. could you check if the numbers correlate cuz i don’t think its very practical to delete it 17 times then check :slight_smile:

Hello @huss

I can confirm that the number has decreased, you only have 13 occurrences left! We are on the good path to remove completely your segment :smiley:

thanks a lot for your help.
as inconvenient as this error is i appreciate your quick response and follow up with the problem :pray:

I am glad that we could help you even if it’s not the best experience you might have had with Forest Admin :evergreen_tree:
We will do our best to avoid such things from happening in the future :muscle:

Did you manage to successfully delete your segment now?

Please let me know if we can help you with anything else :slightly_smiling_face:

i just finished deleting the segment :partying_face:
thanks again for your help