Admin panel not working in one of the remote environments

i have a remote staging environment setup and it doesn’t work for some reason and i don’t know whats wrong in my setup. i have two other environments, one local, and the other remote and they both work fine. im not sure what’s wrong with this one. even though the setup is supposed to be identical for all three environments.

this is the error i get.

could someone please help me find the issue.


Hello @huss,

I’m sorry to hear about your issue, can you share me the network request that is failing from your chrome dev tool? :slight_smile:

here it is

Thanks a lot !

Is the OPTIONS request at /forest/authentification also failing?
If it is, could you check if your forest admin backend is throwing any error?

If not do you have any error in your dev tool console? :slight_smile:

im not sure what you mean by the “OPTIONS” request but there are errors in the console.
here they are:

and this is the gravatar full request:

Ok thanks for your answer, I have few more questions:

  • Have you been able to connect through your server before?
  • Do you have any log error on your forest admin server?
  • Did you do something recently that lead to this behavior?

For you to know the gravatar request is failing because it cannot retrieve your forestadmin’s user picture but it has nothing to do here with your problem. :slight_smile:

i think i may have found the problem.

i recently upgraded to v6 in development and staging environments and i just read in the docs that some configurations needed to be done for the upgrade. i had already implemented these changes but only for the development environment so i think thats what was causing the issue. unfortunately i don’t have a server log for my staging environment but so i can’t know for sure.

nevertheless i just implemented the changes and once i push to staging ill let you know for sure if this was the issue.

thanks a lot for your help and quick response. i truly appreciate it!

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so after implementing the changes in the link below it all worked fine.

thanks again for your assistance!