All smart actions are greyed out


I cannot execute smart actions because they are greyed out.
This happens on all environments. All smart actions are configured to be visible and the logged in user has the permission to execute it.
We updated some packages yesterday, but even after a rollback the smart actions are greyed out.

Following error occurs in browser console:

client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'id')
    at e.isFulfilledByRecord (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:373591)
    at client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:384244
    at vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:176955
    at f (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:176723)
    at b (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:176940)
    at every (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:179411)
    at g.isFulfilledByRecord (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:384232)
    at S.isBasicAndIncludeRecord (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:467134)
    at client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:325530
    at f (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:176723)
    at g (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:176878)
    at e.any (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:179503)
    at e.isAllowedForRecordThroughBasicSegments (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:325520)
    at client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:325630
    at Array.every (<anonymous>)
    at e.isAllowedForEveryRecordThroughBasicSegments (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:325615)
    at client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:3874334
    at a (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:323:276)
    at vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:323:23168
    at h.getEnabledCustomActions (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:3874296)
    at o.setupController (client-d45bd86fa6289ed8bfc54fcc035447b3.js:1:3513476)
    at o.setup (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:140772)
    at s (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:468179)
    at s.routeEnteredOrUpdated (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:468263)
    at setupContexts (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:467618)
    at s.finalizeTransition (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:466484)
    at vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:465712
    at v (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:475183)
    at b (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:475075)
    at invoke (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:418877)
    at h.flush (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:417937)
    at p.flush (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:419717)
    at B._end (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:424802)
    at B._boundAutorunEnd (vendor-e3afb9065ad2b7d4f7f51ae06344a6a2.js:58:421224)

After logout and login it seems that the actions are accessible on production environment but not on the other environments

Hey @bef :wave:

Could you share with use your project name as well as the current version of forest-express-sequelize/forest-express-mongoose you are using ?

This is required for me to check if I can spot anything in your project configuration.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello @bef :wave:

Do you experience this problem with every smart action or only those restricted to segments ?

Hey @bef,

We rollbacked a contribution introduced yesterday that may be the cause of your issue.

Could you check and let us know if the issue is fixed on your end?

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Thanks for your replies.
We experienced the problem with all smart actions of a collection.
I will check if the issue is fixed now.

OK seems that this fixed the issues. The actions are available in all environments.
Thanks for your help!

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@bef, could you give me the list of the smart actions that were affected and for each smart action : its collection, wether it is restricted to segments or not, wether it requires approval, wether it uses a form, wether it uses hooks.

Thanks for your help :pray:

I sent you a private message.