Associate record to already existing record in Many to Many relationship

Expected behavior

In a Many to Many relationship given Model A and Model B, I can associate Record of A to an already existing record of B, and vice versa (associate a Record of B to an already existing record of A).

Actual behavior

We can see that there is 1 record of model A

And 2 records of model B

But when I navigate to the details view of either, it asks me to create a new record, and I cant find a way to associate the already existing ones.


Hello @cooki,

Thanks for your message.

While being on the related data, you need to click on the “+” icon on the top left hand corner and you will see a “Add an existing…”, like in the screenshot below:

Can you see it?


hey @adriguy I found it.

Thanks a lot for your continued support, you guys are doing a great job :slight_smile:

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