Create associated collection from Smart association

Hey, not sure if this should be a feature suggestion.

I just created a smart association, and was wondering why I can’t add a record form this view

Is there another way to create a record with it’s associations on the same interface where there relationship is not a One-To-Many ?


As they rely on custom code, smart relationships support none of

  • creation of records
  • bulk delete, csv export…
  • smart actions

In your use-case, what prevented Translations to appear as “normal” relationship?

Hey @romaing , thanks for getting back to me.

It doesn’t appear as a “normal” relationship because this is how my tables relate.

Maybe I should reconsider how I modeled this …

IIUC questions have many labels, labels have many translations?
Watching the screenshot, I am under the impression that the arrows are backwards in the UML

I’m not sure that I have an easy workaround for this use case.
I can only add a feature request to enable actions on smart relationships

We’ll be releasing a (paying) feature very soon which will allow to explore relations of relations from the details page, but that won’t allow creating/editing records yet.

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