Attempting to run forest admin on aws light sail

I am trying to connect to my host to see if the sever is running. Our domain has a valid certificate but for some reason on port 3310 it shows this. Any suggestions?

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It looks like ssl handshake did not succeed :face_with_monocle:

Can you try using a curl command please?

Do not hesitate to past the result :+1:


Sorry I am new to forest admin. The page does have an ssl certificate but for some reason it doesn’t with this. What curl command should be looking into

@Roger_Bryant No problem :hugs: I hope you will enjoy the product :raised_hands:

I’m trying to isolate factors to understand where the ssl handshake is failing. With a curl request you can try to contact your AWS instance and get some info about the connection :

curl -v https://yourdomain

This should do the trick and you should have some more information about the status of the connection. Could you please try this with the url you hinted in your browser and give me the result?


I get a response of ssl3_get_record:wrong version number

If I drop port 3310 off the curl it passes with no
Issue. For some reason using this port rejects it.

Ok thanks for the info. It seems like a misconfiguration, finding why the :3310 port is not covered by your certificate will fix the issue.

Maybe another way of doing would be to use a sub domain (such as to put you generated project behind.

Are you up and running so far or are you still having issues related to the certificate?

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Hi Roger,

I do have the same issue,

Did you find a hack to make it work without creating a subdomain ?

I have succeeded in making express server work. You need to follow the following stackoverflow post :

Now I am stuck at the next step : an issue with CORS Header


Hi @Florent. Happy to see you manage to fix your certificate issue, and hope your link will be useful for @Roger_Bryant.

If your CORS header is related to Forestadmin, I can suggest you to create a new post with as much informations on your configuration :slight_smile:


EDIT: Did not notice you already have a post with your issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, sorry

Hi Jeff,

I have already did, its untitled “Waiting for your backend to run”
It seems I am quite close to finish installing, but still not working due to the CORS issue,

Lets switch to this other post !