Virtual machine setup (vagrant)


I’m trying to set up forest admin on a virtual machine (vagrant) that’s running on my machine.

I can see a bit in the documentation about any application host apart from localhost needing to use ssl but my virtual machine address doesn’t have this.

When I curl <my.vm.address>:3000 I get the page which says the backend is running but when I go to it can’t connect because it’s looking for localhost.

I’ve changed the application host address to be my vm address but that doesn’t work, I’m guessing because it’s not using ssl.

Is there a way around this or something obvious I’m missing? I couldn’t find any related topics about setting forestadmin up with a virtual machine so maybe I’ve gone down the wrong path.

Any help appreciated cheers.

Hi Joe,

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I think you’ve spotted well your issue and there is no workaround.
As written in this article:

Let me know if something remains unclear.

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Hi Adriguy,

I’m stuck with that very sentence you quoted.

Does your documentation mean that instead of port 3310, we should use port 443 ?