Browser Freezes after filtering collection by another in workspace

Feature(s) impacted

When trying to associate/filter a collection in workspace by the User collection in the workspace, the browser crushes completely

(if it helps to investigate, the user id is of type STRING, and the account id is of type UUID)

Observed behavior

The browser freezes and we get error message “Page Unresponsive”

Expected behavior

Not to freeze :slight_smile:

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Empathy
  • Team name: All teams
  • Environment name: All environments
  • Agent type & version: forest-express
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

Hello @Avishai_Lippner,

Thanks a lot for reaching out and sorry for the inconvenience.

I just reverted our latest contribution about workspace.
Could you confirm it’s back to normal?

Thanks again!

Just checked, unfortunately still happens

Hey @Avishai_Lippner,

What’s the relationship between Users and Accounts ? hasOne, belongsTo, … ?

The relationship is via manyToMany table
in account model we have this:

 Account.belongsToMany(models.user, {
      through: models.accountUser,
      as: "users",

and in user model we have this:

   User.belongsToMany(models.account, {
      through: models.accountUser,
      as: "accounts",

Okey I’m pretty sure that’s the source of your issue. I will try to reproduce your issue. But it works on belongsTo correctly

Hmm actually with a belongsToMany I do not reproduce either :sweat_smile:

Hi @vince,
is there any update on your side with this?


We could not reproduce it on our side yet.

Does it work with any other association/filter (if you create another collection component for instance)?
Was it working before and it’s broken now?
Do you have any error logs in your browser console?


Not sure about the timeline of this error, however I do believe it worked before.
I’m able to reproduce it with any UUID field from this or other collection filtering against the User id.

No logs whatsoever, the browser simply crushes without any warning :\

If you peek something else than a Uuid it works ?

Because on my side, even with a Uuid field, I can’t reproduce :thinking:

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Yes, for String typed fields it works fine, only for UUID fields the browser freezes

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Okey weird. I will try to find how it could happen as I can’t reproduce :sweat_smile:. I will let you know if I find something :thinking:

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I’m still unable to reproduce :sweat:. Sorry for that so it’s pretty hard for us to understand what’s happening. Could you share a video reproducing your issue ?