Bug for Scopes Caching

We are able to replicate the bug from before (the missing data/weird data records) - we can confirm it is a caching bug related to the scopes.

  1. a) Using one browser - Login with one account for company A to dashboard (with a scope for a company A) → data shows up fine in collections for company A

b) Using same browser - logout and then login with a DIFFERENT account (with a scope for company B) → company A data will show up in the dashboard for the company B account!

This is a caching issue. If we do it on two different laptops for the logins - it works ok. Pls advise ASAP - We are able to replicate this.

@Salim_Ameur @salim

Hello @Jonathan_Lau1 :wave:

Thanks for the script :spiral_notepad:, I’ll try to hit the issue as well on my local.
Investigation is ongoing :mag::man_detective:

I’ll keep you posted

Hello everyone,

I’m closing this ticket since the subject has been tackled in another thread.

Raise your hand if you want me to reopen !