Data no loading


I face this issue where the collection users shows empty on forest admin however the table in database is correctly filled with data.

Feature(s) impacted

showing list of data in only of ‘users’ collection.

Observed behavior

it says that there is no data

Expected behavior

it should show the data that exist in table users in the database.

Failure Logs

I dont see any error logs in server or borwser.


  • Project name: clevermate dashboard
  • Environment name: CLEVERMATE_TEST , and production
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: this issue started after I clicked on deploy to production from the Test env.

I hope that you can help me on this please,
thank you.

Hello @Adel_de_Clevermate :wave:,

Can you send me the model of your Users collection ( on this thread or in private message ) :pray:. I have another question, why did you call it “cUsers” ( in the console ) :thinking:

Kind regards,


Hi @Florian_Gonzales , thanks for your response,

the table is called cUsers, this is the name in the model and c_users in DB.


Do you have a scope configured? :thinking:
This may be what impacts your data accessibility.

we didn’t configure a scope, is there a way to check this?

Click on Edit layout, then on the red cog of your collection, and finally on the Scope tab of the settings

Thank you @Florian_Gonzales ! actually this was this the issue, a scope was applied to the collection users.

Thanks again for you help!