Can I edit some fields in managed SQL view?

I am trying forestadmin for adopting from our company admin. Can I update a field in Managed SQL view?

I should provide our operation team to update a field and join two table.

For example, we can see User, UserProfile together (using SQL join), and we want to update UserProfile’s field (action) in the same view.

If it possible, can I get the document links? I couldn’t find the document.

And is it a premium feature?

Thank you.

Hi @smy0906 :wave:

You could try to use smart fields, smart relationships and/or smart collections. These three features help you design your collections, your relationships and your fields the way you want, so I guess it could help you in building this unique view (a kind of a collection that aggregates two collections). My bet would be to try to build a smart collection for your actual need, still, it’s an advanced feature, so you would need to be familiar with Forest Admin concepts.

I let you discover these concepts through the documentation, feel free to send me feedback if you face any problem or if you have any question. :pray:

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Thank you so much. I will try the features.

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@rap2h I did this simply using “smart fields”.
It is easy to use. great!!!


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