I'm looking to use Forestadmin with my company, but have questions about its functionalities


I’m thinking of using Forestadmin with my company. However, there are a couple things I need to know before I tell my boss wether or no Forestadmin is for us (I tried to contact sales but had no answer so I’m asking some of my questions here).

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the structure of a document directly from Forestadmin’s interface. Changes such as modifying, adding or deleting keys from documents. Can this be done directly using Forestadmin ?

I also have another question, but this time for SQL databases. Is it possible to perform CRUD operations in single batches? My company would need to be able to add, update or delete multiple rows at the same time. I didn’t see this functionality in the demo but maybe it can be programmed.

Something else my company needs to be able to do: add data to multiple related tables at the same time. In other words, my company’s database has multiple tables which are all dependent together. Sometimes, we need to add data to one table, but that data is dependent on another table’s data (and so on), which may not exist and therefore needs to be created. So we’re looking for the possibility to add data through a form and, when we reach a field that is basically a foreign key to another table, click on “Add row to table X” which would either expand the form to display the other table’s fields, or open another tab, or something like that. Again, I didn’t see that in the demo and I was hoping it can be programmed from the backend, somehow.

Are these functionalities available?


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I’m sad to read you got now answers from our sales team :disappointed:

Please, let me answer your questions here.

The answer is yes, definitely. We provide many ways to edit your data. For example, we provide a JSON widget which allows you to edit attributes as JSON input directly. So you are able to do whatever your want with your documents data. Also, we generate a project with some code for you, but once the generation is done, you are the owner of the fresh code, and you can easily change it to adapt your models (removing, adding attributes …)

In fact this is not visible in the live demo, but this is definitely doable (and programmable). By using the interface, you will be able to select multiple rows and to execute some action on them. You can see this in action in the following screen shot:

Here you can see that I have 3 projects selected, and I can select all my projects, or the current page as shortcuts.


I’m able to delete them for example, or whichever action you developed.

Yes, this is possible, and available in the live demo following this link. In this link you will see that you can create a new order for a current customer, using a form. Just click on the plus icon on the top right, and select create a new order. A form should appear, asking for values. Once filed, the order will be automatically linked to the customer :raised_hands: So the short answer is: yes, definitely!

And that’s it! I tried to answer your questions the best I could with the information you gave, I apologise if I didn’t answer correctly or if I misunderstood you questions.

Please, do not hesitate to correct me if I misunderstood one of your questions, or if I wasn’t clear enough :raised_hands:, and do not hesitate to post again for further questions.

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