Cannot change "Admin backend URL"

Feature(s) impacted

Can’t log to production panel.

Observed behavior

I don’t know why but somehow my Admin backend URL revert back to and old server i don’t use anymore.
I’m trying to change it, click validate, then save, i got the toast that say “environment saved” but when i refresh the page the old url is back again.

Expected behavior

Change my backend URL then refresh and see the changes, then log into my production env


  • Project name: dimikev_back_2
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent version : “@forestadmin/agent”: “^1.8.2”,
  • Datasource version : “@forestadmin/datasource-mongoose”: “^1.3.1”,

Hello @bilboramix,

We are able to reproduce your issue, fortunately the update is taken into account and the new url is saved. We have a weird behaviour that reloads the current environment with outdated values on page refresh in project-settings, a ticket is already open and we will fix this issue ASAP.

Can you please confirm me that after saving your changes, leaving project settings and opening it again, you do have the new url value.

Best regards,

Nope, i don’t have new value, its backing to previous value.
Here’s exactly what i’m doing :

1 - Go to project list → the tree dots and project settings
2 - Go to environments tab
3 - Click production env and edit the “Admin backend URL” with the new URL
4 - Validate
5 - Save and wait for the toast
6 - Refresh the page or leaving the settings with the modal’s cross and get back to env tab
7 - The “Admin backend URL” is back to previous value.

We refreshed your cache, it did work for me locally after reproducing your issue. Can you tell me if it did the work for you ?

We will investigate as to why such an action was needed.

Best regards,

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It’s fixed thanks a lot !

About what caused this i’m not sure if this has been triggered from my side.
I changed backend endpoint few weeks ago and i get notified that it did not work only yesterday.
Pretty sure that there has been some kind of rollback on it, i pushed few times on the new stack and always get the expected behavior during my test.

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